Electro-Disco 30/05/21

Listen again to Jonesy’s final Electro-Disco on UckfieldFM – it’s stuffed with superb syncopated synthpop!

The Electro Disco Show – 18/12/20

Jonesy brings you the final Friday Electro-Disco Show of 2020, before the show uproots to alternate Monday evenings 8-10pm from

Electro-Disco 04/12/20

Best be quick to beat Cynthia in listening to the sumptuous syncopated synthpop sounds of the Electro-Disco!

Electro-Disco Show – 20/11/20

Join Cynthia in her lockdown bubble, and take in the sublime synthpop sounds of Jonesy’s Electro-Disco

Electro-Disco Show 06/11/20

With the cancellation through Lockdown of their game, the Electro-Disco Ultras had plenty of time on their hands to take

Electro-Disco Radio Show 23/10/20

Join the Electro-Disco Ultras, who, after self-isolating for so long, were only too glad to get to grips with some

Electro-Disco Radio Show 9/10/20

Cynthia contemplates turning on the central heating to listen again to the Electro-Disco Show with it’s synthy delights.  

Electro-Disco Radio Show 2020 20 September

Join the Electro-Disco Ultras who are delighted (on the inside anyway) by the prospect of listening again to Jonesy’s Sunday