Future Sounds

Martyn Grenfell

Future Sounds will return soon.

Each week, Martyn brings you a selection of Future Sounds – introducing you to brand new music. There are also new sounds from established acts, proper classics and whatever comes in between.

Martyn is part of an elite group around here, he’s been with Uckfield FM since the beginning. When it comes to music, Martyn is most at home in small rooms (often with sticky floors and warm beer in plastic cups) listening to a band that currently falls outside of the mainstream.

You might not like everything you hear and that’s ok, but you might be surprised what you discover.

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Music submissions

Please send music to futuresound@uckfieldfm.co.uk. Attaching an mp3 or a link to download. Please remember we can only play clean radio edits.

Finally, in this modern age – we request you don’t send CDs to us at the studios. Often, there just isn’t time to listen to them and the last thing we want is to miss out on something great!

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