Bex Maini

Bex & The Twins in December

Apologies for the lack of words in this post, with schools shutting so suddenly this week and having to cancel

Bex Maini & The Twins in November

It’s been a long month of lockdown for some but we’ve been busy as ever in November with the twins

Bex & The Twins in October

What a fun month!  I absolutely love Halloween so it was a no-brainer to make a bigger deal out of

Bex & The Twins in September

Bex Maini in rainbow dress with yellow background

It hasn’t been the most eventful month what with all the isolation and Covid testing issues! We’ve still had fun

BexPhoto & The Twins in August

Bex Maini in rainbow dress with yellow background

The twins go back to school on Monday but they’ve definitely had a fun summer despite Coronavirus I’m so glad

BexPhoto & The Twins in July

Bex Maini in rainbow dress with yellow background

Well, we’ve managed to get out and about a lot more this month since lockdown started to ease. We’re still

Bex Maini & The Twins in June

Bex Maini in rainbow dress with yellow background

It’s been a pretty busy month for me since I came up with the idea of creating and publishing my

Bex Maini & The Twins – May

Ceviche Recipe As promised, my recipe for delicious ceviche using fresh fish. Nail Spa at home The twins had a

Bex Maini & The Twins in Quarantine – April Edition

We’re well and truly into this lock-down now but we’re still managing to keep busy (and sane), for the most

Bexphoto & The Twins in March

Well, a lot has changed since my last post a month ago! There is plenty of chat about the Coronavirus

Bexphoto & the twins – February

Bex Maini, Bexphoto Cover Photo

I’ve been having a few solo adventures in London this month!  There’s an amazing exhibition at the moment in North

Bexphoto in December & January – a double whammy

As I was away for most of January, I’ve done my best to be concise and include the very best