Uckfield Community Fridge needs your help!

Uckfield Community Fridge Campaign have opened a crowdfunding page to complete the construction of a community fridge

Having received enough grant funding to purchase a building structure, the campaign now needs the funds to pay a local builder. The crowdfunding page is on Just giving, which aims to raise £2,500 to pay for a local Uckfield builder to bring the fridge to fruition. Once open, the community fridge aims to receive perishable, within use-by date food from local residents and businesses.

Local residents who need or want it can then take food away, thus reducing food waste and food poverty.

The campaign group, led by four residents from Uckfield and the surrounding villages, said: “We have already been blown away by the help and support we have received from
Uckfield Town Council, Uckfield Food Bank, and many other local organisations and businesses. Now we are asking the people of Uckfield to help get us over the line, so that we can hopefully open in late summer.”

“We have so far received the funding needed to purchase the building to house the fridge – a nearly new shipping container. The money raised from this fundraiser will go towards paying our local builder to make the empty shipping container a safe, clean, usable space for the fridge and for residents, with land provided by the Town Council just next to Luxford Fields and the shipping
container bought, we are now at the final hurdle.

“We know that for many, the past year has been really tough, increasing poverty and food insecurity. With this project, we aim to combat food poverty, whilst also doing Uckfield’s bit to reduce food waste for our planet.”

The Fundraiser can be found on Just giving, with more information, here: https://www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/uckfieldcommunityfridge