Tree Planting at Holy Cross CE Primary School

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Holy Cross have been planting trees during lockdown.

The forest school teacher Steve and the Uckfield Ranger Neal, have worked with the key worker pupils to plant 16 new saplings in the school grounds at Holy Cross.

The children had a lovely day planting. After taking part in their usual thankfulness circle, they went onto the field where Neal explained the main principles of tree planting.

As the school field has been a field with grass for many years, the soil was not brilliant for growing, so Neal brought some fungal material and compost. The children also collected some soil from the woodland to add in, as this is much richer.

Named Trees
The children decided where they wanted their trees to be, dug holes and planted them, along with a wish or prayer written on paper birch buried in the soil. They labelled the trees with their names and there were 6 different species; Dogwood, Bird Cherry, Lime, Douglas Fir, Beech and Hawthorn.

The children planted 16 trees in total and protected them from the wind and animals with a plastic sleeve, which was held in place with a stake, hammered in on the South West side as this is the main direction of the wind. The forest school group gathered at the end of the session to wish our little children’s forest to grow big & strong so that the children’s children can enjoy them in the future.

Some pictures of the tree planting were sent to us by the School.