Take care on the roads over the coming days

With the current inclement weather conditions expected to last several days, Sussex Police issued some guidance earlier today 

It looks like a picture postcard, and can be fun, but Ice and Snow can be very dangerous, especially to road users

With continued snow forecast across Sussex overnight and tomorrow, please remember the below if you need to use your vehicle for an essential journey:
❄️ Increase the distance between you and the vehicle in front of you. It takes longer to slow down on icy roads.
❄️ Factor in enough time to de-ice and de-mist your windscreen. It’s illegal to drive without full vision.
❄️ Ensure your lights are working and are clearly visible.
❄️ Ensure your windscreen wipers are in good working order.
❄️ Be gentle on the throttle, avoiding harsh acceleration which could cause wheel spin.
❄️ If you’re approaching a hill drop well back so you won’t have to stop part way up.