Sussex PCC Backs #Shopkind Campaign

There is a new national campaign urging shoppers to show more respect

It also encourages kindness to frontline retail staff during this busy pre-Christmas period.

Violence and abuse towards shopworkers is an issue which is taken extremely seriously in Sussex. Following the huge success of Commissioner Bourne’s own ‘Keeping Christmas Kind’ campaign last year the Home Office, working with the Association of Convenience Stores, has now developed the ‘ShopKind’ campaign.

Commissioner Bourne said: “Our own survey in Sussex has shown that assault and abuse of workers came high on the list of business’ concerns when it comes to crime. To reflect this concern, targeting those people who attack or verbally abuse retail staff will be a main focus for the new, dedicated Business Crime Unit recently launched by Sussex Police.

“The ShopKind campaign rightly highlights the need for respect and support to be shown to retail staff as nobody deserves to be abused or assaulted in their place of work. My office will be promoting the ShopKind message across Sussex to remind the public of the need to show kindness to all our frontline retail workers not just at Christmas but all year round.

“Our Safer Sussex Business Partnership is also encouraging all local businesses to sign up to the campaign. It’s such an important message that we want to spread the word as widely as possible.”

More information on #ShopKind can be found at