Station Announcement

Today (12 October 2021), the Board of Directors of Uckfield FM have exciting news.

You may be aware already that we’ve been successful in getting Ofcom (the radio regulator) approval to extend our broadcast area to Crowborough and the settlements that surround it.

Action is now under way to install the transmitter and aerial in Crowborough that will carry our signal to the new area.

We plan for this extended broadcasting to officially launch on 1 April 2022.

To mark this event, and the extension of the coverage area, the station will be known from that date, as Ashdown Radio. The programmes and music mix will be much as they are now on Uckfield FM, with broadcasting continuing 24/7 throughout the year.

Ian Smith, Chairman of Uckfield FM said, “We are excited and looking forward to bringing our programmes and service to the people of Crowborough & surrounding area. This is a major step in the expansion of the station and only right that we have a new name to mark the event as we go forward.”

Broadcasting on 105 and 94.7 FM from 1 April 2022, Ashdown Radio