Rotherfield Charity there for you

At the moment, especially, loneliness is a massive issue, specially for the older generation in the community.

Charites are there to help with this, and Rotherfield St Martin is a local community led charity dedicated to providing holistic support to older people living in our rural community. The main focus of which is to prevent isolation and loneliness.

How it all started

The charity was started in 2004 by founder Jo Evans, BEM. Jo firmly believed that with the right support from the community, older people could remain in their own homes, living independent and enjoyable lives. From humble beginnings, in Jo’s front room, with a small group of folk meeting for weekly tea and buns, the charity has grown to a membership of over 220 members with a wealth of activities and services to help combat isolation and loneliness and to promote good health.

They Said “RSM is a trusted friend in the community with the main aim to combat isolation and loneliness, particularly for older people. We provide friendship, support and practical solutions to everyday problems. We have a wide range of activities and services all supported by an energetic team of volunteers. We enjoy working with our whole community to explore and enjoy community solutions”

They want you to know they are there for you.

Telephone 01892 853021

Facebook – @rsmcentre
Twitter – @RSMcentre