Recovery Initiatives for drug misuse and offending

A new project – ADDER ran by East Sussex County Council has recently funded a number of Recovery Initiatives:

A specialist counselling service working with clients during their recovery and treatment. A  meditation programme supporting clients via an MP3, meditation group and manual, and additional ‘wellbeing support’  resources for the outreach team- offering anything from cooking utensils and food vouchers to classes on tai chi which increase quality of life for many individuals.

Two further services for Project ADDER have been commissioned in the last two months which have been awarded to the East Sussex Veterans Hub, who have specialist knowledge and experience. The ‘Prison in Reach Service’ will work with all clients prior to leaving prison who need support with  their recovery whilst re-entering the community. The ‘Care Navigation’ service is a  signposting service for anyone in recovery from crack or opiate use, utilising support and befriending for making appointments, completing forms etc.

If you would like further information email the Project Adder team: