Operation Crackdown starts as we head out of lockdown

Sussex Police have issued a stark message about road safety over the Easter Weekend.

With lockdown easing and opportunities now to meet up with friends and family outside, there will be more people out locally this weekend.

Motorbike riders are some of the most vulnerable road users, over the last three years families have had to come to terms with the loss of or the change in lifestyle of 676 relatives who were killed or seriously injured in incidents involving motorbike riders.

Sussex Police are encouraging motorbike riders to be responsible, considerate and ride safely when traveling on the county’s roads.

Our local neighbourhoods welcome careful riders.

The Police encourage everyone to be mindful of other road users and when riding through residential areas, to adhere to the speed limit, reduce the impact of noise and to ride sensibly.

Antisocial riding can be reported through Op Crackdown