‘None of us are immune’ message from Sussex Police Chief after positive COVID-19 test

Sussex Police Assistant Chief Constable Dave Miller.

A Sussex Police Chief has reflected on the last 12 months and spoken of his personal COVID-19 experience.

Assistant Chief Constable Dave Miller shared an open letter in which he speaks about how this time last year we could never have imagined the situation we find ourselves in now.

He also speaks of his personal experience, after receiving a positive test himself. He says in the letter: “I write to you now as someone who tested positive six weeks ago, along with my immediate family.

Today, I still suffer from this invisible enemy – the coughing fits and fatigue for example.

I have a brother who is working exhaustingly to keep a care team running in Brighton; watching him struggle as they attempt to provide 24/7 care to people who desperately need it.

As a school governor and father, I too am experiencing the challenges parents are facing as yet again they are asked to balance work and childcare at short notice.

Like many of us, I have friends in the NHS and hear how very difficult it has been and continues to be for them, their patients and families.

None of us are immune. None of us. And seems to be a complete lottery as to how we’ll be affected. We can all contract it and pass it on, some of us without even knowing we are doing it.”

He also talks about how concern has now turned to fear for the vulnerable, elderly and children who are lacking in socialisation. He expressed the most concern for people not following the government guidelines: “But most of all, I worry about the people who are not adhering to the guidelines – the ones not concerned by police enforcement or social responsibility.

The ones where even the pain and suffering that this horrible virus is inflicting on humanity isn’t enough to prevent them from taking responsibility and keeping each other safe.”

We reported this week that Sussex Police had been taking action when rules were breached over the first weekend of the current lockdown.

Since February 2020, Assistant Chief Constable Dave Miller has been leading Operation Apollo, Surrey Police and Sussex Police’s Covid-19 response. He is also Chair of the Sussex Resilience Forum; a multi-agency partnership including local authorities, emergency services, the NHS, volunteers and other key agencies which prepares, responds to and recovers from emergencies and major incidents.

You can read the full open letter on the Sussex Police website.