New “Live Mapping” amongst features introduced to train travellers

Network Rail and Train Operators launch new initiatives in Sussex.

Network Rail (system operator of the UKs Railways) have recently launched a new performance improvement approach in conjunction with local Train Operator at Govia Thameslink Railway (GTR) and other operators on important sections of the Sussex route.

Golden Corridors

Key areas are being known as the “Golden Corridors” – they’ve been identified as golden corridors either because of high passenger numbers or because they can can bottlenecks on the infrastructure if something goes wrong. The Golden Corridors on the Sussex route are:
• The approach to London Victoria station – the stretch of track linking London Victoria with Clapham Junction and through to Balham.
• The approach to London Bridge – the stretch of track linking London Bridge to Norwood Junction and through to Anerley – the Sydenham Corridor.
• East Croydon to Salfords on the Brighton Main Line.
• Three Bridges to Balcombe on the Brighton Main Line.

The Thameslink Core (between Blackfriars and St Pancras) has also been designated a golden corridor, along with the stretch between Moorgate and Finsbury Park on GTR’s Northern City Line.

By designating a section a ‘golden corridor,’ the operators and Network Rail place a particular focus on these stretches of railway but benefit passengers right across the network.

A considerable aspect of this approach is a mindset shift. It is increasing awareness among everyone who works here, whether they are a platform assistant, train driver, signaller or one of our engineers that this is a really critical section for our customers and we need to do everything we can to work together to keep it incident-free.

Live Mapping 

Passengers travelling on the Uckfield route can now benefit from a new feature provided by the Train Operating Company, available here.

This new ‘live map’ function displays live data to give customers an overview of how the network is performing at that precise moment and highlights any stretches of the network suffering from disruption. To do this, the map uses a ‘Red, Amber, Green’ status to highlight the service status for each section of the network.