Mallard Drive Uckfield Ecology works

Persimmon Homes and Charles Church today has started some ecology works at land north of Mallard Drive.

Work Started today under Planning Reference: WD/2012/0806/FA.

In a statement issued earlier today; “Together with Revelen Environmental and the Ecology Partnership the work will commence with some clearance works over the next few weeks”.

These works are in line with the Natural England dormouse licence the developers received and the method statement of works that have been provided to Wealden Council as part of the approved planning process. The works are to be undertaken in a sensitive manner and under the supervision of the Ecology Partnership.

The ecologist and the team which are present to undertake the clearance works, are well aware of their legal obligations and the presence of protected species within the site boundaries (notably reptiles) and the habitat edges (notably dormice). All works will be undertaken following best practise measures.