Local School fund raising through a Duck Race!

Buxted School's Ducks getting ready for the big race

Buxted School PTA are holding a duck race to raise money!

The school closures and class bubbles of the last 18 months have meant primary school children missing out on more than just the educational aspects of school life. They have also been isolated from the communal environment of school and from shared experiences with classmates.

The pupils of Buxted School in East Sussex have got all their ducks in a row and are holding The Grand Buxted Duck Race to encourage some classroom camaraderie and to raise £2,000 for outdoor play and learning equipment.

They have lined up 12 characterful rubber ducks to compete in the race; frontrunners include Captain Quack Sparrow, James Pond and HRH Elizabeak Wingsor. Each class has been assigned their own duck to support, with children making banners and flags and offering training tips to help their duck get ahead and to encourage sponsorship from family, friends and local businesses.

In return for sponsorship, local businesses are being given a helping hand, featuring in a series of tongue-in-beak ad posts shared with the school and wider community. These include a local estate agent advising their chosen duck on riverside properties and a beautician treating their feathered favourite to a little eggsfoliation.

The children’s prize is a real quacker. The teachers whose class’ ducks win the race and gain the most sponsorship will have to wear inflatable duck costumes for the afternoon – poultry in motion for any school pupil! All the winning duck’s sponsors will be entered into a raffle, where the top prize is a fantastic glamping break in Ashdown Forest.

Claire Davies, a member of Buxted’s PTA said “It’s wonderful to see the children having fun and regaining a sense of belonging to their school and to their community. So many local businesses are struggling and this chance to help each other out and spread a bit of fun has been just what the ducktor ordered”. Kate Knibbs, a parent at the school, said the Duck Race was “Flapping brilliant! There’s so much scope to encourage reading, writing and has really fired their imaginations. It’s sparked so much creativity in our household”

The race will be filmed on a local river (overseen by an official adjuduckator) for the children to watch at the end of term and there will even be a professional sports commentator providing his eggspert analysis.

After so much loneliness and uncertainty the children of this village primary school have taken to fun, friendship and fundraising like ducks to water.

More details, including full, pun-filled duck bios are available on the campaign’s fundraising page: https://donatemyschool.com/project/page/buxted-cep-school-pta-2599?page=1&per-page=10