Kiowa the Framfield Puppy’s Heart Surgery appeal

Framfield resident Elizabeth is raising money for her 14 week old puppy Kiowa to have life saving surgery.

Kiowa was bought by Elizabeth to train up as a Mantrailing dog, to help with the search for high risk missing people, such as those with dementia, mental health or any other reason that would cause some one to be high risk. She does this voluntarily to help those in need and funds her own training.

Sadly, Elizabeth has discovered that Kiowa has a heart murmur, due to the narrowing of his right heart valve which flows blood to the lungs. Kiowa’s life expectancy is one to two years of age, so he will not be able to be trained.

His heart valve can be fixed by surgery which has a good success rate. After which he should be able to lead a normal life and become a trailing dog for missing people. “He has had a heart scan where the right side of his heart is already enlarged where it’s had to work harder to pump the blood” Elizabeth told us.

He is currently on beta blockers and will need surgery in the next month to have the best chance.

Elizabeth is currently fund raising for the surgery, she told us “The money will be used, along with my own to cover the heart scan, surgery and any further medication he will need afterwards. Can you help us out? Your donation will directly help him have a full and meaningful life, and for all those that may need our help in the future”.

If you are interested in getting involved click here