Improving Road Safety in East Sussex

Safety on our roads is of importance to many people and communities.

This is understandably so when the number of people killed or seriously injured each year on East Sussex’s roads remains stubbornly high.

Anti-social driving and motorcycle riding is also a source of complaint for some people, whether it is speeding vehicles, inconsiderate parking or noise.

The principal partnership involved with road safety in this area is the Sussex Safer Roads Partnership (SSRP), the wealth of knowledge and experience within the SSRP aims to provide advice and support to all road users across Sussex.  There are also Road Safety Action Groups across East Sussex which report to their respective community safety partnerships and their work supports the SSRP and local road safety priorities.

Research helps

Research points to the fact that many road users will modify their behaviour due to the fear of being caught and there is no doubt that changing road user behaviour will be key if we want to reduce the number of crashes on the roads – crashes do not just happen.  Approaches based upon using insights from the behavioural sciences offer a new lens through which to look at an old problem and we are likely to see more projects coming forward which utilise this developing science to reduce casualties on the County’s roads.