Hearts of Gold for Heads On

A world where people with mental health problems can still achieve their ambitions.

That’s the tagline of Heads On, the Sussex Partnership NHS Foundation Trusts Charity, who for Valentines Day are running a Hearts Of Gold campaign.

The charity were on Uckfield FM last week talking about the event, which during Children’s Mental Health week last week they were asking schools and young people to decorate golden hearts and put them in their windows to spread some love and hope around in the local community, all whilst showing support for mental health awareness.

The Charity provided schools with some children’s mental health resources and a live workshop with an artist to help decorate Hearts Of Gold.

They are asking people to send a Heart of Gold Postcard to someone who has shown kindness and done something special.

They are also asking us to make a special Heart of Gold and display your #HeartOfGold in your window over this Valentine’s weekend and to share these on social media.

Our Listeners came up with the goods and we were inundated with pictures of the hearts, some are seen below.

Send us your pictures to our Facebook Page and like and share Heads On on Facebook.

If you want to download a Heart Of Gold then click here.

Listen to Rachel Duke Head Of Charity talking to Jacqui last week here.