Fords Green Nutley needs your help

Nutley FC a & Cricket club as well as the Stoolball club are appealing for help to repair the pitch!

Fords Green is a fantastic community asset that is used by many local people and provides a beautiful hub for the village of Nutley. There is a long tradition of playing sport on The Green.

The Nutley Stoolball Club and Nutley Football Club have both existed for over 100 years, while Nutley Cricket Club is over 150 years old. The Green hosts other really important activities such as the Village Fete and ‘Tea on the Green’. All are staffed solely by enthusiastic volunteers.

The playing surfaces have been maintained diligently and selflessly by Mick and Chubby for years and years (they are also volunteers), howwver all is not well and more help is needed. The wet winters and chafer bugs have taken their toll. The grass coverage seems to be reducing each season. Football games can be called off because of water logging in the winter. The moss and thatch have taken hold in large areas and provided a perfect breeding ground for chafer bugs.

All this has resulted in some of the field being unusable and in desperate need of repair.

How can we help?

A Spokesperson told us “We’ve had the pitches inspected by the Institute of Groundsmanship and they have produced a report which rates the quality of the pitches as poor. They’ve laid out a multi year programme of works to improve them. These works will improve the quality of playing surface at the green by creating better grass coverage, better drainage, less moss and thatch, and a less bumpy surface. They will also help eradicate the chafer bugs by removing the mossy environment that they thrive in”.

If the group carry out these works they will have playing surfaces which are resilient and fit for the future, and capable of supporting even more people playing sport at the green. “It would be brilliant, for example, to see women’s and girls’ football teams at the green. The more people we have playing, watching and enjoying sport, the healthier and happier our community will be”.

These works are expensive to carry out. The funds are being raised by donating to a crowdfunder, carrying out any of these planned works will make a big difference to the Green.

Thank you from the Fords Green Committee, Nutley Cricket Club, Nutley Stoolball Club and Nutley Football Club.

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