Fire Service Offering Free Safety Training

If you own a business that has had to close due to the lockdown, you may need to review your fire risk assessment as the risk of fire may well have changed.

Empty buildings are more at risk of arson than occupied premises, so it’s important to ensure all fire doors are closed, fire safety equipment, such as alarms and extinguishers, are working and tested regularly, and that stock and rubbish are safely stored so that they don’t provide fuel for a fire. If a fire does occur, you must be confident that it can be contained quickly.

Last month, an East Sussex based business experienced a fire caused by an electrical extension lead which had not been turned off and was stored in a coiled position.

East Sussex Fire and Rescue Service has plenty of help and advice at hand to help prevent fires like this from occurring.

If you have any concerns about fire safety, you can contact their Business Safety teams by visiting where you can also find information and advice relating to fire safety legislation.

ESFRS also runs free 30-minute live video training sessions on fire risk assessments and general fire safety every Tuesday.

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The services Commercial Training department has continued to offer bespoke fire training courses as live webinars. More than 500 delegates have participated in these during the past six months. Please contact Commercial Training Manager who will be pleased to arrange a chat either by phone or Zoom to discuss training for your organisation.

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