Enforcement action taken following COVID-19 rule breaches

Sussex Police have taken action against those found breaching COVID-19 regulations during the first weekend of the current lockdown.

A total of 45 fines were issued to people described as willfully disregarding the rules.

This included a fine for a man who claimed to be self isolating following a positive test, but was found to be entering peoples homes to cut their hair and a man who claimed to be rushing to his business in Brighton because an alarm had been triggered, but he was unable to provide details of the premises or the address.

Superintendent Julia Pope said, “We know this is an extremely difficult time for everyone, however the actions we take and the decisions we make now can help save lives.

This pandemic has been ongoing for almost a year now, and so we are all familiar with what we should be doing to play our part in stopping the spread of the virus.

We know the overwhelming majority of people in Sussex are doing the right thing by staying home, wearing masks and social distancing, but unfortunately a small minority of people continue to ignore the rules.

The restrictions are in place for a reason – any unnecessary contact had with someone is a potential link to a vulnerable person. Everyone has a responsibility to make the right decisions. It is disappointing that our officers have to take this enforcement action again this weekend against those who are still blatantly breaching the rules as if they do not apply to them.

It’s so important, now as much as ever, that we pull together and do what we need to do to protect our NHS and our communities from the virus.”