East Sussex County Council leaders to discuss budget

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Leaders of East Sussex County Council are due to meet to discuss how the £417 million budget will be used for 2021/22.

Recommendations include no new cuts beyond those already considered last year.

A 1.99% increase in Council Tax is recommended and councillors are also asked to consider splitting a further increase of 3%, allowed by Government to safeguard social care services over 2 years.

If both are agreed, a Band D property will pay an additional £1 a week towards county council services. Additional social care spending would include further support for people suffering the effects of COVID-19, a significant pressure on the care system.

If agreed by by the council’s Cabinet at the meeting on 26 January, the recommendations will then be presented to Full Council for approval.

In reference to the adult social care precept, the Cabinet report states, “We are able to propose spreading the precept over two years. This balances the need to maintain our essential support to the most vulnerable, whilst also recognising the additional pressures currently faced by our residents as a consequence of COVID-19.”

The council has made savings of £138 million over the last decade.

You can view details of the recommended budget here

You can watch a live stream of the meeting on Tuesday 26 January (starting at 9.30am) here