Community Centre eases Covid-19 vaccination pressures

Nurses setting up the first children’s vaccination clinic at Crowborough Community

Some clinics providing routine children’s vaccinations are being switched to Crowborough Community Centre

This is a move that will ensure that the rapid rollout of Covid-19 vaccinations to the adult population can continue without risk of interruption.

The first children’s clinic was held at the centre Wednesday (3rd March).

The Community Centre facilities have been freely donated to the Sussex Community NHS Foundation Trust, a decision that was unanimously endorsed by the centre’s
Board of Trustees.

CCA chairman Chantal Wilson said: “This is entirely appropriate use of our facilities while they remain closed to our normal customers and fully meets the charitable objectives of Crowborough Community Association which administers the Community Centre, we are delighted to be able to help the NHS and our local community in any way possible during the current emergency.”

The Community Centre is already a Covid-secure venue and therefore well set up for operating a clinic, with hand-sanitation stations and safe-use protocols already in place including the ability to create separate entrances and exits for clinics. The rooms are also big and well-ventilated.

The nurses and staff who ran the first clinic report that they were “delighted” with the Community Centre’s facilities and were pleased to be able to be able to offer vaccinations in a concentrated centre of population to save people having to travel.

It is likely that the Sussex Community NHS Foundation Trust will be booking into the Community Centre for several vaccination sessions during each school half term.