Chailey Repair Café offering “drop off” service

Chailey Repair Café may not be able to re-open as planned but they are still hard at work… 

This time last year, Chailey Repair Café was reflecting on it’s astonishing growth and watching Repair Cafes springing up all around.

The team have had to shelve plans to reopen a face to face service at St Peter’s Church which was planned for Saturday 13th February.

Meanwhile the legendary “drop off” service continues. The way it works is that the team put your repair (or sharpening) enquiry out to their volunteers and anyone who is prepared to take it on agrees to do so.

The volunteers then arrange collection/drop off with you, on the proviso you pay for any parts required, and the organisation invites you to make a donation toward the Café.

Contact the team on email with details of what needs sharpening/repairing.

If it’s a repair, the team need the make and model number of the item, preferably with a good quality photo or two, and we will see what we can do.

Repairs are limited to one per person at the moment as the team are so inundated with requests.