Chailey Repair Café March update

Chailey Repair Café have an update for March

“It’s still early days, but we are hopeful that by the time we get to Easter we will finally be able to announce our plans for reopening – watch this space…!!” said a spokesperson

The talented volunteers have now taken on over 300 “drop off” repairs in their homes and generous donations have enabled the Café to kit out it’s new base at St Peter’s Church, Chailey ready for when they can finally open again.

“Meanwhile, keep bring us your repairs!” was the message.

Do you need a repair? 

The way it works is that the organisers put your repair enquiry out to the team of volunteers and anyone who is prepared to take it on agrees to do so.

The volunteer then makes contact with you and arranges drop-off and subsequent collection.

All that is asked is that you pay for any parts required, and you are invited to make a donation toward the Café.

“Please note that we cannot visit you at home” said a spokes person.

They need more than “my toaster is broken” 

“Help us to help you by taking the time to tell us the make and model number of the item, exactly what has gone wrong, send us a good quality photo or two” was the message

The organisers are asking for only one repair at a time , as they are seriously busy right now!

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