British Science Week starts today

British Science Week starts today and is a ten-day celebration of science, technology, engineering and maths.

They are running a competition for kids to design a chain-reaction machine, the first prize is a family ticket to Herstmonceaux Science Centre.

Calling young inventors!

“We’re looking for the weirdest, wackiest chain-reaction machines you can think of”.

Think Wallace & Gromit’s Breakfast Machine, or a ridiculous Rube Goldberg device. Just a picture is enough. You have between the 5th March 2021 – 25th March 2021 to submit your designs.

How to enter:

Draw or design a chain-reaction machine. Don’t forget include what your invention is called and what it does!

Once you’re done inventing, take a picture of your design and upload it to the competition page. Make sure to include some contact information for your parents so the organisers can get in touch if you win.

Visit the Science Week webpage for more information and join the event on Facebook for daily science challenges