Additional Funding for East Sussex

It has been revealed in new analysis the extra funding that local authorities across East Sussex have so far received.

It is reported that authorities are in receipt of an extra £129 million to support vital local services during the Covid-19 pandemic, with further funding confirmed for next year.

This funding boost is part of the £1.2 billion of extra support that South East has received.

Local Leaders decide

Over half of this funding has not been ringfenced, meaning local leaders can decide how to use the additional funds and which local services to boost with investment.

This could include counselling services, delivering essential supplies to vulnerable families, and ensuring cherished green spaces are well maintained and Covid-secure.

Local authorities have also received over £2 billion in further grant funding since March last year to deliver specific schemes, such as providing emergency support for rough sleepers, preventing children going hungry, setting up local test and trace services and measures to make care homes, high streets and town centres Covid-secure.

In total, the Government has provided local authorities across England with more than £7 billion in additional support and introduced a range of measures to help councils manage pressures on their finances created by the pandemic, worth billions more.

A further £3 billion will be allocated to councils from April onwards.