Rail Industry working in Lockdown

Network Rail, Infrastructure and System Operator for the Railways in England has told us, that throughout the current lockdown they are continuing to support essential journeys for passengers and the supply chain (goods, vehicles, as well as Infrastructure projects).

As experienced back in March 2020, the railway network plays an important role in delivering supplies to supermarkets, hospitals and schools, playing it’s part in moving keyworkers and freight across the UK and supporting economic activity.

Times Changing?
With the reductions in passenger numbers, the industry has been working closely with Government to temporarily reduce services in line with demand, allowing us to focus on moving key workers in the mornings and evenings and ensuring adequate space for social distancing.

The message remains to all passengers to check before they travel as times and calling patterns of trains across the network may have changed.

Changes are being made in a way so that services can be restored as quickly as possible when restrictions are eased meaning not all operators are stepping timetables down at the same time, so people who are travelling should continue to check train times regularly over coming weeks.