World of Country – 06/06/21

Catch up on this edition of the programme with Paul Hazell.

Including a re-run of Paul’s 2018 interview with George Payne, who recently passed away.

Music played:

Barry Thornton (Aus) Winter Winds
Ralph Stanley (US) Highway Of Regret
Jason Owen & Tania Kernaghan (Aus) Back Home Again
John Denver (US) San Antonio Rose
Laurie Lace (US) Who’s Between You And Me
Tony True (Can) Amazing Grace Reprise
Ben Paley (UK-US) Yew Piney Mountain
Tom & Ben Paley (UK-US) Louis Collins
Liz Clarke (UK) Blue Skies Over Georgia
Slim Whitman (US) There’s A Gold Mine in The Sky
Bryan Chalker (UK) Freight Train Blow Your Whistle
Kacey Musgraves (US) Whatever Happened To The Yodelin’ Cowgirls?
Western Swing Authority (Can) Stay All Night
The Dixie Ryders (feat: Harold Staggs) Draggin’ The Bow
LeGarde Twins (Tom & Ted) Swing Of Things In Texas
Sharon Brooks (US) Her Memory Makes Three
Kevin Griffin (Can) Before I Met You
Frank Ifield (Aus-UK) Long Gone Lonesome Blues
Mike Penny & His Moonshiners (Germ) When You’re Smiling
George Payne (Aus) Lovesick Blues
Harry Torrani (UK) Mockingbird Yodel
Ernst Rukshuhl (Swiss) Excerpt from Swiss Yodelling Song
George Payne (Aus) Excerpt from The Roaming Yodeller
Minna Reverelli (Austria) Verschiedene Schweizer Jodler
George Payne (Aus) When The Golden Wattle Blooms
George Payne (Aus) Looking For A Girl Who Can Yodel
George Payne (Aus) If I Could Change Your Silver hair To Gold
E J Hopkins (US) Little Brown Jug
Ricky Skaggs & Bruce Hornsby (US) How Mountain Girls Can Live
Julie Richardson & Bo Heatherley (US) If I Needed You
Johnny Kansas (aka M Kirscht) (Germ) It Takes A Long Time To Forget
Alan Ladd (SA) Roly Poly
Glenn Johnson (UK) Ramblin’ Man
Michel Kanhai (UK-Guyana) Somewhere Between
Wilson Banjo Co (US) When The Crow Comes Down
Ben Steneker (Hol) Wasted Love
Tomi Fujiyama (Jap) Your Cheatin’ Heart
Chuck Edwards (US) Roll ‘O Little Pony
Orville Nash & The Gamblers (UK) Get Along
Shorty Ranger (Aus) The Old Macleay Is Home Sweet Home To Me