The Evening Session – 09/06/21

Martyn was here with Wednesday’s Evening Session.

Proper Classics and brand new sounds throughout, and the Wednesday Wind-Down…

Music played:

R.E.M – The One I Love
Tenille Arts – Back Then, Right Now
Katy for Kings – Impersonator
Sugababes – Overload
Griff – One Foot In Front Of The Other
Travis – Flowers in the Window
Max White – Breaking Down
Barista – Statement
Daryl Hall & John Oates – You Make My Dreams
Elider – Rinku Town 2
Ships Have Sailed – Take My Money
GRACEY x Billen Ted – Got You Covered
Haircut 100 – Fantastic Day
Baby Queen – American Dream
Eoin Maher – Altar
CHVRCHES feat. Robert Smith – How Not To Drown
P!nk – All I Know So Far
Reef – Place Your Hands
Jack Hopkins feat. Milly Muxworthy – Felt Like Home

The Wednesday Wind-down

Karmacoda – Feels
Pablo Bolivar feat. Ben Preisinger – Elevator
Kyla – Do You Mind (Acoustic)
AMMO – Rose + Crown
DJ Shadow – Six Days
Air – All I Need