Paul Hazell’s World of Country – 18/04/21

Catch up on this edition of World of Country.

Music played

Thornton, Barry (Aus) Winter Winds
Lisa Layne (US) Here Comes The Loneliness
Country Side Of Harmonica Sam (Swed) Cry Me A River
Vanessa Bourne (Aus) Don’t Judge Me
Jody King (US) We Lived It Up (Now We’ve Got To Live It Down)
Marinus Vreeke (Hol) On The Run
Johnny Greenwood (Aus) Out On The Warrego
Kay Starr & Tennessee Ernie Ford (US) Ain’t Nobody’s Business But My Own
Carl Smith (US) Mr Moon
Wayne Raney (US) Why Don’t You Haul Off And Love Me
Annette Hawkins (NZ) Tennessee Blues
Kent Gill (US) Daddy’s Gonna Get A Real Job
Bobby Mackey (US) Texas Is Where I Need To Be
Jimmy Crawford (US) New Joe Clark
Mark Newton & Claire Lynch (US) The Day That Lester Died
Lester Flatt & The Nashville Grass (US Bummin’ An Old Freight Train
Sonny Matthews The Maori Prince (NZ) The Maori Prince Kahlua (Love Song Of Kalua)
Sandy Paramore (US) Spring Is In The Air
Johnny Heap (Aus) Little Boy Lost
Bill Clifton & Jimmy Gaudreau (US) May An Angel Sleep On Your Pillow Tonight
Smiley Monroe (US) Play It Country
Tony Douglas (US) Echoes Of You
Billy Parker (US) Hold My Hurt
Bobby Angel (SA) Jambalaya
Leon Morris (Can) Living On Old Broken Dreams
Hank Sasaki (Jap) Whiskey Train
Elton Britt (US) Release Me
Jim Hendricks Band (US) Wabash Cannonball
Wayne Hancock (US) Any Old Time
Chic Rushton (Aus) I’ve Cried My Last Tear For You
Charlie Boston & Cedric Thorose (UK) Keep A Hold Of Your Heart
Crawford Bell (Ire) Land Of Enchantment
Wayne West (US) Cold Grey Dawn
Bluestone Junction (US) Lonesome Traveller
The Frontiersmen & Joanie (US) Trail Winds
Doug Seegers (US) Memory Lane
Max McCauley (NZ) Streamline Yodel Song
Hachey Bros & Mary Lou (Can) Corine Corrina
Brazilbilly (US) Heart Over Mind
Jimmie Logsdon (US) Are You Walking And Talking With The Lord?
Bluegrass Parkway (Aus) Thanks A Lot
Pete King (aka Pete Kingsway) (UK) Echo Valley