How well do you know your Neighbour

Britain is a nation of good neighbours, many of whom we consider to be best friends or even like family.

According to research published today, we typically know five of our neighbours by name and consider two of them to be good friends. The study, commissioned by claims one in ten people (11%) get on with their neighbours like family and a quarter (23%) would go to them for help before approaching a pal.

We talk to our neighbours about everything under the sun – including relationships (5%). But talking about money is considered taboo with 9 out of 10 people (87%) having no idea what their neighbours pay out for bills in comparison to them.

For those that do venture into this territory the rewards are good. One in ten people (11%) who have had a chat with someone in their street have been prompted to revisit their own finances. And four-fifths (83%) of them have ended up saving household money as a result.

Other research findings: 

  • A quarter of people became friends with their neighbours after doing them a favour
  • 9% have thrown a party in order to get to know those on their street better
  • 27% would confidently introduce themselves if someone new moved into their road or building
  • 13% have shared a secret