Bex & The Twins in January 2021

Bex talking with Jacqui Rushton about this month’s activities

It’s obviously been a very quiet month activity-wise but work is keeping me extra busy, we’ve had some stunning sunrises and the twins are as joyful as ever!



Although I’m super busy with the government’s dental targets still standing and working extra days to try to make up for my usual working pattern being all askew, I’m also focusing on the next edition of This Detailed Life which is due out in May.  It’s definitely helping me to have that creative outlet at the moment, even if it means working lots of late nights too!  The magazine does take a lot of effort to put together with submissions already coming in for Edition 3 but I am blown away by the images we’re receiving, it’s really cheering up my lockdown!  Keep reading to find out more about it, our vaccinations and some delicious and easy cupcakes to make…


This Detailed Life goes colourful!

The latest theme for This Detailed Life magazine was always going to happen at some point with me in charge!  😉   I created this rainbow collage for our Cover Contest call for submissions, it’s made up of photos I’ve taken over the last 15 years…



The theme is obviously Colour and it’s making me so happy going through all the submissions!  We had over 1400 entries for our cover contest and the winner was this spectacular image by Jackie Haxthausen…



We also recently celebrated our hashtag #thisdetailedlife being used over 65,000 times (it’s now 68k!) with a mass post on Instagram, it was lovely to see everyone’s favourite photos to celebrate with us 🙂




Ballet Classes with Universal Dance via Zoom

Priya’s ballet class moved to Zoom in the last lockdown in November but she was a bit averse to the idea.  Luckily she’s now come around (with a bit of persuasion to get started each week) and is enjoying dancing in our living room with her usual class via the TV hooked up to Nik’s laptop!




Salted Caramel Cupcakes

I think we all need the occasional (or daily) treat right now and what better than some easy but delicious cupcakes?!  Priya and I made these one weekend and I played around with some food photography ideas before we all ate them!  They were supposed to be a bit fancy with some spun sugar decorations on top but that part was a disaster so simple buttercream swirls it was, lol.  You can find the recipe over on my blog if you fancy making them, I left out the spun sugar part so it’s easy peasy 😉





With Nik and I both working for the NHS, we’ve now received our first doses of the Covid vaccines.  He had the Oxford Astra-Zenica vaccine and I had the Pfizer (there wasn’t an option, it just depended on which hospital appointments we each managed to book, him at Haywards Heath, me in East Grinstead).  We’ve both been fine since with just a sore arm and some tiredness, he had a headache for one afternoon the day after his but no other side effects so far.



Of course, we know we’re not fully protected yet and could still be carriers even if/when we are so we’re still following the guidelines with social distancing etc. except when at work of course as then we’re relying on our PPE when we’re close to patients.


Lockdown Binge Watching

January is a miserable month anyway but being in lockdown without nice sunny weather (or snow like the rest of the world apparently!), it’s even more depressing!  It’s definitely time to escape into some new series and films so I’ve listed some of my recent favourites (some are old but I’ve only just discovered them) for kids and grown ups and I’d love some more recommendations.



Staying Home

Other than that we’ve mostly just been trying to make the most of being at home, thankfully Santa gave the twins some pretty cool and educational gifts to keep us all occupied and there’s always tickling!



My 15th Vogue acceptance


Next Month:

Again, who knows.  I doubt very much that we’ll be out of lockdown anytime soon but fingers crossed that with more daylight creeping back in as we head to spring, there might also be some more hope on the horizon for an end to all this.


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