What are The Best Locations in Sussex for Horror Fans?

Horror tourism, where people visit scary locations with rich and troubling history, is a popular pastime in the UK. Certain places have a long association with horror themes, where perhaps some evil wrongdoings of the past have tainted them. Other spots have been made famous thanks to popular fiction, with Dracula’s voyage to Whitby being a prime example of this. The influence of the classic horror arguably led to the emergence of this type of tourism, as many people wanted to visit Whitby after reading the book. For people in Sussex, though, there are a few spooky spots a bit closer to home.

Dracula Sparked Horror Tourism in England

Bram Stoker’s Dracula is one of the most important and influential books of all time, and the 1897 gothic horror novel has gone on to inspire countless films and games over the years. Indeed, it is hard to think of a character more ubiquitous than the Transylvanian noble. Along with the hundreds of direct adaptations, Dracula has inspired other things such as the Immortal Romance slot at NetBet, which is one of the more popular online slot titles on the market. Equally, there have been alternative takes on the genre with films such as “From Dusk Till Dawn” released in 1996 starring George Clooney, when it is revealed the film is actually about vampires.

In the legendary story which is told through numerous diary entries and letters, Dracula buys a house in Whitby and sails to the British coastal town to wreak havoc. Stoker had actually visited Whitby himself, and he used some of the atmospheric locations there as settings in the book. Now, tourism companies in Whitby provide visitors with Dracula trips to locations such as the harbour and Whitby Abbey. In the cemetery at St Mary’s church, horror enthusiasts can even find the grave of a man called Swales, who was Dracula’s first victim upon landing on the English shore.

Spooky Spots in Sussex

There are a lot of people who are interested in this kind of horror tourism, and it can be an exciting experience visiting creepy locations. It can even stir up the kind of emotions you would feel when reading a gripping horror novel or watching a tense film. In the Sussex region, there are plenty of options for people in search of these sorts of thrills.

Newhaven Fort is a favourite spot for Halloween celebrations, and it attracts a lot of people in October each year. It is known for its terrifying tunnels which were built sometime in the 19th Century. Tulley’s Farm in West Sussex is known for its spooky events as well, and features eight different haunted attractions including a frightening escape room. Some other chilling locations to visit include the ruins at Battle Abbey, West Dean Gardens, and the dark and gloomy Bluebell Railway.

Sussex is one of the best counties in England when it comes to spooky and thrilling activities. For people in search of that feeling of fear, check out some of the spooky and spine-tingling locations listed above.

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