Wet weather crisis hits Raystede

Local animal charity Raystede Centre For Animal Welfare have suffered a huge amount of damage due to the wet weather and they are still battling against the elements to keep their animals warm and safe.

Raystede are in desperate need of donations during this challenging time. Large areas of their site are currently unusable due to flooding and they have been forced to move their hens and turkeys into temporary accommodation that is less waterlogged. High winds have ripped tiles from the roof of their kennel block and there has been substantial damage to the fencing of animal enclosures.

One of the worst affected parts of the rescue centre has been the fields used by their equine herd. The donkey’s field is completely submerged in water so they are now living inside the barn but with horses and ponies also needing to come in it’s a tight squeeze! The staff are providing plenty of extra hay and straw but all of this is coming at an extra cost. Raystede costs £8000 a day to run and with extra measures being put in place to tackle the adverse weather, their resources are stretched to the limit.

Keeping the heating on a high temperature around the clock for over 150 exotic birds that live in the aviaries is also adding to the expense of coping with the relentless weather and with more storms forecast it’s an extremely worrying time for the animal charity.

Their staff are working as hard as they possibly can to keep up with ongoing repairs and care for the hundreds of animals at their centre. Any donation no matter how small will go a long way in helping them get through this particularly tough winter.

Wet Weather Crisis Donation Hotline: 01825 840 747

Online donations please visit: www.raystede.org