Uckfield U3A Croquet

The peculiarly British sport of croquet is taking baby steps to return from the coronavirus lockdown, away from the glare of publicity and images of elderly people pitting their wits against each other on lush lawns, with social interaction a big factor.

Now  with the government’s easing of restrictions put in place to slow the spread of COVID-19 paved the way for croquet to resume.

The Croquet Association welcomed the chance to start up again, marketing itself as an ideal sport in unusual

times. Media reports on lockdown easing have focused on sports like golf, tennis and basketball, with the glaring omission of croquet, which is the perfect ‘social-distancing’ sport. A croquet lawn is twice the size of a tennis court, so playing against a member of your household, or one other person from outside your household, is no problem at all.

Croquet is mainly played in a season lasting between Spring and Autumn and so on a very windy and chilly day in Mid Summer at the Victoria Pleasure Ground,  Uckfield U3A Croquet Group  took to the lawn to get in some much needed playing time.

Croquet in the U3A takes many forms. Some U3A’s have a croquet group that uses the equipment and facilities at their local croquet club and they have a slot there each week or every two weeks during the season.. Some U3A’s develop their own croquet club, usually with help from the national Croquet Association’s development officer.

ALL IMAGES  by  Ron Hill (HillPhotographic) 

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