Uckfield College Sixth Form results in this ‘extraordinary year’ are ‘exceptional’

Rohan Farham, Max Walter and Joe Howell

Rohan Farham, Max Walter and Joe Howell

In an extraordinary year Uckfield students had their hard work over two years of Sixth Form study recognised with the awarding of their A level and BTEC results.

Hugh Hennebry, Principal, said, “This was an exceptional year group, who had worked extremely hard throughout their Sixth Form courses. This year group had all the ingredients of success: curiosity, intellectual interest, genuine interest in the subjects they studied, a conscientious approach, resilience and determination to do their very best. We are so very proud of them all and who they have become in their time at Uckfield College. We wish each individual every happiness and success for the future. In these uncertain times, Uckfield Sixth Formers have demonstrated that they have the right knowledge, skills, wisdom and character to play a really positive and important role in our future world. Good luck!”


Sara Marshallsay, Deputy Principal, said, “We are very proud of our students’ achievements and are really pleased that so many of these have been recognised today. As has been widely reported nationally, however, we know that some of the A-level results awarded to our students using the government’s statistical model were lower than we are sure they would have achieved, had they had the opportunity to take their exams. We will follow the appeals process fully and do whatever we can to support these students so that they can take the next steps in their lives.”


Sam Alvarez, Acting Head of Sixth Form, added, “There are so many individual achievements where a student worked hard and did their personal best. We should also recognise those students who achieved the very highest grades: 




  • Ellie Thornely – Philosophy A*, Psychology A*, Sociology A Education – Cambridge




  • Frances O’Connor – Maths B, Biology A, Chemistry B Veterinary Medicine and Science – Surrey
  • Emily Chevassut – Maths A, Biology A, Chemistry A, Physics A Medicine 


Straight A*/Distinction* (D*):


  • Alexander Harris – Maths A*, Further Maths A*, Physics A*, Computer Science A*. Computer Science & Maths – Durham
  • Jess Woolley – Maths A*, Further Maths A*, Biology A*, Physics A*. Physics with Maths – Southampton
  • Molly Tebbutt – Maths A*, Further Maths A*, Chemistry A*, Physics A. Maths and Physics – Bath
  • Sam Poole – BTEC Sport D*D*. Sport and Exercise Science – Portsmouth


Mix of A*/Distinction* (D*)/A/Distinction (D):


  • Hermione Abadi – Philosophy A*, Psychology A, English Lit A. Philosophy and Psychology – Durham
  • Raiden Brand – Spanish A*, Business A*, Economics A. Economics and Chinese – Leeds
  • Isobel Cowing – Maths A*, Further Maths A*, Biology A, Chemistry A. Maths – Bath
  • William Dawson-Holgate – Maths A*, Further Maths A*, Physics A, Computer Science A. Computer Science – Durham
  • Joe Irwin – Maths A*, Biology A, Economics A*. Economics – Bath
  • Amy Manvell – Philosophy A*, Spanish A, English Language A, History A. Spanish and Sustainable Development – St Andrews
  • Ellie Thornely – Philosophy A*, Psychology A*, Sociology A. Education – Cambridge
  • Amy Whitaker – English Lit A*, Geography A*, History A. History – Durham
  • Tristan Burgess – BTEC Business D*D. Business Management and Entrepreneurship – Portsmouth
  • Ollie Clark – BTEC Business D*D.
  • Vasia Floyd – BTEC Business D*D.
  • Roseanne Martin – BTEC Business D*D. Marketing and Management – Sussex
  • Olivia Poole – BTEC Business D*D*, Product Design A. Advertising and Marketing Communications – De Montfort
  • Tom Langford – BTEC Sport D*D. Sport Management and Coaching – Bath
  • Daniel Scantlebury – BTEC Sport D*D.
  • Ben Walter – BTEC Sport D*D. Multimedia Sports Journalism – Northampton
  • Emma Leycester – BTEC H&SC D*D, Psychology A. Psychology – Surrey
  • Lauren Longhurst – BTEC H&SC D*D.


Straight A/Distinction (D):

  • Alice Chapman – Maths A, Further Maths A, Physics A, Chemistry B. Natural Sciences – Durham
  • Emily Chevassut – Maths A, Biology A, Chemistry A, Physics A. Medicine 
  • Sasha Thomas – Dance A, Biology A, Geography A. Biology – Southampton
  • Dominic Murphy – BTEC Business DD.
  • Seb Smith – BTEC Business DD. Accounting and Finance – Nottingham Trent
  • Alex Wickens – BTEC Business DD.
  • Callum Allsobrook – BTEC Sport DD. Football Development – Chichester
  • Andrew Feist – BTEC Sport DD. Sport and Exercise Science – Chichester
  • Jessica Carter – BTEC H&SC DD. Social Work – Brighton
  • Maisie Morey – BTEC H&SC DD
  • Eleanor Newman – BTEC H&SC DD
  • Paige Simmons – BTEC H&SC DD
  • Alex Beaven – BTEC ICT D
  • Dexter Wellman – BTEC ICT D. Visual Effects for Film and Television – Hertfordshire
  • Jason Lyons – BTEC Business DD
  • Robin Flower – BTEC Business DD
  • Alex Beaven – BTEC ICT D
  • Dexter Wellman – BTEC ICT D
  • Nathan Spring  BTEC Business D
  • Lily Cloake – BTEC Business D
  • Isabelle De Bolla – BTEC Business D
  • Megan Topping – BTEC Business D


Mix of A*/A/Distinction*/Distinction with 1 B:

  • Georgia Archer – Art A*, Textiles A*, Product Design B. Fashion Contour – University of the Arts London: London College of Fashion
  • Jessica Austen – Sociology A*, English Lit B, Geography A. Law – Birmingham
  • Nell Bennett – Sociology A, Geography A, Biology B. Physiotherapy – Southampton
  • Pippa Bowley – Sociology A, Business A, Geography B. Business Management – Leeds
  • Kiara Dunn – Sociology A, Geography A, Economics B. Geography  – Sussex
  • Daniel Edwards – Maths A, Further Maths A, Physics B. Mechanical Engineering/Aerospace – Southampton
  • Rebecca Mills – Film Studies A, Media Studies A, English Language B. Marketing and Management – Durham
  • Sophia Palmer – Philosophy A, English Lit A, History B. Law – Bristol
  • Jade Ross – Business A, Spanish A, Biology B. Languages, Cultures and Business – Leeds
  • Isabel Sutton-Smith – Psychology A*, Sociology A, English Lit B. Psychology – Leeds 
  • Lewis Westwood-Flood – Politics A, History A, Computer Science B. Politics and International Relations 
  • Tommy Morgan – BTEC Business D*D*, Economics B. Accounting and Finance – Sussex

Amy Manvell, Isobel Cowling and Jess Wooley

Molly Tebbutt and Jon Stevens


Images – some of the successful students of Uckfield College

Congratulations from all of us at Uckfield FM!