Danger of ‘opening the floodgates’ following request to purchase land

Uckfield Town councillors were quick to decide not to sell a small parcel of land to a local resident on West Park.

A report detailed a request by the resident in Wilson Grove to establish if the Town Council would be willing to sell a parcel of land adjacent to their property so they can extend their garden.

It said: ‘A previous requests to purchase Town Council land have been turned down and it should be noted that if the Committee agreed to sell this parcel of land it could set a precedent for other home owners to make similar requests’

Mayor of Uckfield Cllr.Spike Mayhew said: ‘A few people have come up before and asked to buy land and we have said no, we should stick to our guns as previously and say no. If we start selling off bits of land we open the floodgates. Once we have done one we will be inundated’

The councillors agreed with the proposal to reject.