The natural history of Uckfield with Wendy Tagg

Bridge Cottage

Every year, thousands of people across the country fill up their bird feeders, settle down with binoculars and bird books, and count birds for the RSPB #BigGardenBirdWatch. 

My results were a quite a bit lower than last year – I saw 18 individuals from 8 different species, down from 35 of 12.

Blue Tit

My favourites were the three Blue tits searching for insects amongst our yellow winter flowers.  If you have a nest box, look out for pairs inspecting it as they start trying to find nest sites well before spring.  I also saw both of our regular robins searching for food together – a sure sign that they are a pair.

House Sparrow

The RSPB web site shows that the House Sparrow is the most widely spotted bird. I only got one male, which perched briefly in our wonky crab apple tree. My most common bird, with six individuals, was Woodpigeon.

I have already seen Sweet Violets, primroses and daffodils blooming around the town. These flowers will soon be providing nectar for hungry butterflies.

Yellow brimstone



When the sun comes out, look out for butterflies in sunlit spots – Yellow Brimstones, Commas, Peacocks and Red Admirals can all be seen during February.


If you want to see my #BigGardenBirdWatch results, they are on my blog at