Starlink satellites to be launched this evening and may fly over Uckfield

The FALCON rocket over East Sussex last night

** Updated** The latest Falcon 9 took off as scheduled and the main rocket passed over Sussex at about 8:55pm

Yesterday evening people were in awe as over 30 Starlink satellites passed directly over Uckfield.

The spectacle started at 9pm and it took about 20 minutes for the string of bright objects to pass.

When the last one went over the first satellite was approaching India.

Today, at 8:37pm the next Falcon 9 Starlink rocket is due to launch at Cape Canaveral with 60 satellites on board.

After launch, the booster rocket is released and drifts back down into the Atlantic and lands on ship or other means to be used again.

The main part of the rocket carrying the satellites continues into orbit and will head towards the UK.

There is a theory that we may be able to see the rocket about 8pm or the string of satellite being released looking like a pearl necklace in the sky.

Starlink internet satellites