South East Water asks for reduction in water usage

The company has seen record-breaking demand for water which has outstripped how much can be pumped through its network.

This has left households in some areas with low pressure or no water and led to South East Water asking customers to help by not using hosepipes, sprinklers and jet-washers during the weekend.

Steve Andrews, Head of Central Operations for South East Water, said: “Our customers responded brilliantly and cut demand by 30 million litres by reducing non-essential water use on Saturday, but we need to keep this up and reduce it still further.

“When demand is this high, we simply can’t treat enough raw water and get it through the extensive network of pipes to all customers, especially at peak times.

“Overnight our water treatment works are running at near-capacity to replenish supplies into underground storage reservoirs, but at this rate of demand the system simply can’t catch up.

“Our water technicians have been working round the clock to produce this extra drinking quality water needed – the equivalent of filling to the brim almost half a million baths – and we’ve been fixing as many leaks as we can on our extensive network.

Steve added: “By not using water-guzzling garden hoses and sprinklers as well as not jet-washing the car and patio, everyone can do their bit for their community.

“There sounds like we should have a break in the weather next week which will bring your garden some welcome rain so please only water plants that really need it and definitely no sprinklers – your golden lawn will bounce back.

“Avoid filling a paddling pool. I was shocked to be told that the average paddling pool now needs a whopping 530 litres of water to fill them – more than three times the total daily amount of water usually used by one person. This is adding to the high demand for water seen during this hot summer weather.”

Saving water means saving money too and customers can find other top tips for summer water use and free water saving devices on the company’s website here.

There are currently issues with low pressure or no water in the area to the north east of Uckfield, including Hadlow Down, Blackboys, Boars Head.