Something To Look Forward To After Lock Down: Uckfield Bingo Club Every Wednesday

The whole country and most parts of the world are currently bound to their homes during this Corona Virus situation that we find ourselves in.

It’s time to look forward to what we can do in Uckfield once this is all over.

Bingo still remains one of the most popular pastimes this country has to offer, with thousands of people continuing to play the popular game each and every week.

Thankfully for those who enjoy playing it, there are now more ways to play than ever before, with the option to either play bingo out in person or from the comfort of your own home using a laptop or your mobile device.

The rise of online bingo has been significant over recent years, with there being more and more sites that continuously provide the service of being able to play bingo games online each and every day.

However, for some, you’ll never quite beat the buzz of playing in person, scratching off your own card and claiming a cash prize over seeing your account balance topped up with a new number online.

Bingo fans from Uckfield will be delighted to learn that they will be able to play every single Wednesday at the Uckfield Club, once the lock down is through. The club will open its doors at 7:45pm for an 8:15pm start, with games then continuing on until 10:15.

This is a weekly fixture of the Uckfield Club’s schedule and one that has proven to be particularly popular amongst the regulars that continue to return through its doors. It is open to all people over the age of 18 and is the only activity to take place at the Uckfield Club on a Wednesday.

It is one of a number of fun activities to take place there each and every week, with other events held there including poker nights, darts league and live bands performing on weekend nights.

Visitors are also advised to keep an eye on additional bingo nights that periodically take place on Saturday nights, with the option of a dinner also included. 

So until we can get back into the thrill of the bingo halls, you can play safely and have fun online and you can get some great bingo bonus offers whilst this all blows over.

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