Smoke Alarms Sound Out to Save Lives and Protect the NHS

East Sussex Fire & Rescue Service is getting involved with the NHS Birthday and showing its appreciation by encouraging residents to test their smoke alarms.

Our Birthday present to them is to help save lives and protect the NHS by encouraging people to push the button on Sunday.

Smoke alarms could save your life, in the unfortunate event of a fire and provide you with valuable time to escape, by providing you with an early warning.

Clap for the NHS on its 72nd Birthday

Don’t forget to join in the country-wide clap to say thank you, together, and celebrate the amazing work of NHS workers and other key workers on Sunday 5 July at 5pm!

The Birthday marks the day the NHS was founded, the whole country is invited to come together at 5pm to applaud the NHS and all those who have been helping them through the pandemic and to recognise the vital community connections that continue to support us all.

Smoke alarm advice

You are at least 4 times as likely to die in a fire at home if you haven’t got a working smoke alarm.

A smoke alarm is the easiest way to alert you to the danger of fire, giving you time to escape.

They are cheap, easy to get hold of and easy to fit.

The more alarms you have, the safer you’ll be – as long as they are working – so make sure you test them weekly.

You should have a minimum of one alarm on each floor. However, if you have only one alarm and two floors, put it somewhere you’ll be able to hear it when you’re asleep.

Click here to find out why smoke alarms are so important.

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