Rural Crime Prevention Advice from Wealden Police

Wealden Police say  “There’s a variety of things you can do to protect your property, land and livestock”
– Equipment and tool security can be a particular issue for rural businesses and farms. To keep your belongings safe, lock equipment away in a secure building or part of a building when not in use.
– A good standard of building security is very important in rural areas, especially for outbuildings that may not be visited for weeks at a time. Farmhouses and other rural properties are the same as any other home, so general home security advice still applies.
– Take a good look around your property boundary for any potential places where it could be made more secure.
For further security advice visit:
All incidents of illegal activity should be reported to the appropriate authority as soon as possible.
If you are able to, make a note of any vehicle details and a description of the people involved.

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