Road safety concerns addressed in virtual meeting

Pictured left to right: Assistant Chief Constable Dave Miller, Police and Crime Commissioner Katy Bourne, Chief Constable Jo Shiner and Chief Inspector Michael Hodder

Road safety concerns raised by communities across Sussex have been discussed in a virtual panel meeting.

Residents were invited to view a live panel meeting on Wednesday 23 September in response. Speeding, excess noise and antisocial driving and riding have been causes of recent complaints.

The session provided an opportunity for viewers to hear the plans in place to reduce the number of people killed and seriously injured on our roads, and to improve the quality of life for those living in affected areas.

Police and Crime Commissioner Katy Bourne explained that part of the precept rise for residents last year has allowed for an increased investment in roads policing.

She said: “In August, road safety concerns formed 15 per cent of all correspondence to my office and in September, it was 12 per cent. I know that this remains a top priority for Sussex residents and therefore investments have been made.

This is an opportunity to hear how Sussex Police plan to use these resources to make our roads safer. I will continue to hold the Chief Constable and her senior team to account for improved performance in this area.”

To report an incident of dangerous or antisocial driving, visit the Operation Crackdown website.

Or, if you wish to report a particular issue in your area, you can contact Sussex Safer Roads Partnership by email: