Proposal to make use of old phone boxes and speed watch – Uckfield Town Council


The Town Council General Purpose Committee held a remote meeting on Monday 20th April via social media Zoom.

There was a short discussion on the relocation of the red phone box from opposite the railway station. Cllr Paul Sparks said ‘old phone boxes could be used to put in emergency food supplies so that local residents in need of food can go and take it and other residents re-stock it’

The Town Clerk said that Environment and Leisure committee were starting to discuss the community fridge initiative and that was going to come to the meeting on the 4th May. The current telephone boxes are in quite a poor state of repair but obviously if it was improved it could be useful’ He added’ If we are to do something we need to do something soon in this particular emergency’

Cllr.Angie Smith mentioned the Speed Watch camera.  She said that  ‘the residents on Church Coombe Residents Association were  keen to do Speed Watch.’  The residents have already training in the use of the Speed Camera and that nothing had happened since to get it started.


All members of the committee were present

Cllr. C. Macve Chairman Cllr. D. Ward Vice-Chairman Cllr. B. Cox Cllr. J. Edwards Cllr. H. Firth Cllr. J Love Cllr. A. Smith Cllr. C. Snelgrove Cllr. P. Sparks