Pavement parking could be banned to improve safety for users

A consultation has been launched seeking the views on proposed changes of the Highway Code to improve safety on pavements.

The Department of Transport’s review is to improve safety on pavements for:

  • wheelchair users
  • people with visual impairments
  • prams or buggies

The main changes being proposed are:

  • extend the London – style ban on pavement parking
  • make it easier for councils to pass laws to prevent pavement parking
  • to give councils the power to fine offenders

The Commons Select Committee report in September 2019 call for a blanket nationwide ban on the ‘blight’ of parking on pavements.

In the report witnesses told the committee that the worst cases of pavement parking we trapping elderly and vulnerable, the disabled make them ‘afraid to leave home’

You can read and respond to the consultation online, complete a form or send an email to share your views.

Our previous article from 31st January 2019 when it was discussed by Uckfield Town Council – click here

Contact if you have a view you wish to share on parking issues in Uckfield

Local resident Ann told Uckfield FM:

I hope that a blanket ban on pavement parking is brought in. Too many people are too bone idle to park their vehicles and actually WALK a few yards, often just for a takeaway!!! However, you are not meant to park on double yellow lines but there is no-one around to enforce it. We need good old-fashioned traffic wardens back, dishing out tickets!!!