Nus Ghani meets Wealden District Police Commanders

Nus Ghani met with DCI Alasdair Henry and DI Jon Gross, of Sussex Police, to discuss rural crime across Wealden and anti-social behaviour in Hailsham, Uckfield and Crowborough.

She welcomed the new District Commander Alasdair Henry to Wealden and shared various concerns from local residents, from organised crime, to county lines, and domestic violence.

Throughout the meeting, Ghani raised individual cases of constituents, farmers, and local businesses who had reached out to her regarding crime. She sought assurances that the police force is ready to deal with incidents speedily and effectively, also highlighting the need for cooperation between police operating in Sussex and their counterparts in Kent and Surrey, to track moving crime gangs.

DCI Henry and DI Gross assured Nus Ghani that the incidence of crime in the constituency remains relatively low, with police resources focusing on reducing response times and increasing visibility on the ground, to act as a deterrent.

The meeting comes at a positive time for East Sussex and Wealden. Recently, the Government announced an extra £22.2 million in funding for East Sussex Police, who are recruiting 129 new officers this year and 100 PCSOs by March, with Wealden set to see 6 more PCSOs patrolling very soon and one new Prevention Sergeant in place by autumn.

Following her meeting with Alasdair Henry and Jon Gross, Nus Ghani said:

‘I was pleased to meet with Alasdair and Jon and receive assurances that rural crime in Wealden is being tackled and monitored, taking into consideration the unique characteristics of this vibrant constituency.’

‘I meet regularly with constituents who have been the victims of crime, particularly burglary, and am happy that I can now give them further assurances that the police force is well equipped to deal with their cases and, more importantly, deter any future criminal activity. I also work very closely with Sussex Police and the local force, who, I am happy to say, are on the same page as I, when it comes to making Wealden one of the safest places in the country.’

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