Mindless vandalism at West Park and Victoria Pleasure Ground

Uckfield Town Council’s grounds staff have reported significant damage to property at West Park and Victoria Pleasure Ground over the weekend.

At West Park Pavilion the roof was badly damaged as well as the stone steps and some fencing. The roof repairs alone have cost in excess of £300 to repair.

At Victoria Pleasure Ground the door handle to the Victoria Pavilion toilets was broken and, once inside, attempts were made to block the remaining sink and toilet. Although these facilities are currently still closed due to Covid 19, again this will cost significant money to repair.

A spokesperson for Uckfield Town Council said: “It is frustrating to have to deal with this vandalism and its consequent financial implications. The Town Council and its Councillors work hard to provide outside spaces and play areas for young people to use and enjoy so it is disappointing when they choose to be destructive instead.”


Images – Uckfield Town Council