Lion’s schools competition will roar in a different format

In recent years schools in Uckfield and district have entered the Nationwide LIONS ROAR competition , and many local schools have been very successful .

Uckfield lion’s this year will be sponsoring 6 local schools ,due to Covid restrictions the format will be very different this year . As explained below by Uckfield Lion David Skinner one of the main competition organizer’s

ROAR, the Lions innovative competition for schools, will take place this year but with a changed format. Instead of a visit to the South East Final in December at Wakehurst Place primary schools will this year submit their entries by video? Each school will now make a video of each entry and hold own final to decide the winning video for each school which then will be sent to the organizer, 7billion ideas, by 3rd December. The entries for each District of the country will be judged and a winner for each District selected. A National Final will then be held by Zoom on December the 9th. By this method a far wider audience will be able to appreciate the talented work produced by our young people. Parents, teachers, non-participating schools and Lions will all have the opportunity to watch the final.

Watch this space: Lions are working very hard to try to find a safe format to be able to take the sleigh to the children once again this year, more details will follow.

Breaking news: unfortunately the Lions classic car rally which would have been the 17th year of running has been cancelled; The Car rally has been a popular Lions event raising a total of £28,349 over the last 16 years for good causes.